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Grahamstown xenophobic attacks

We urge all those in the Grahamstown area to show solidarity and join the March on Friday. We also urge all South Africans to show support to these victims of xenophobic attacks. Please read the statement below:

Wednesday, 28 October 2015
Press Statement from Voices of the Foreigners’ Wives

Our Protest Will Go Ahead on Friday

Nothing has been done to resolve the crisis in Grahamstown. Our homes and our shops continue to be looted and destroyed. Our husbands have not been able to return to their families. Our children are still being hidden at home. We still do not feel safe on the streets. We are still being insulted on the streets. Rumours are still being circulated about our husbands. We have lost everything and we have had no income for a week.

The Mayor, the Councillors, the Municipality and the police are not taking us seriously and they are not taking the crisis that we are facing seriously.

The police have told us that we must not go ahead with our planed protest at the City Hall at 1:00 on Friday as they cannot guarantee our safety. We cannot and will not back down. We have to stand up for our lives, for our families and for this community. We are going ahead with the protest at 1:00 on Friday as planned. If the police continue to deny us our right to protest we will go to the High Court to secure an interdict allowing us to exercise our basic democratic rights. This will be a peaceful protest with the following demands.

1. Stop the xenophobic attacks in Grahamstown.
2. Stop the murder and rape of women in Grahamstown.
3. Build an economy that creates opportunities for all.
4. Provide housing and services for all.
5. Allow our husbands to return to their families.
6. Stop the rumours about our husbands.
7. Stop religious discrimination.
8. Stop councillors from dividing people.

We stand for a Grahamstown that is a safe and welcoming home for all.

The Unemployed Peoples’ Movement and the Economic Freedom Fighters have agreed to support our protest. Some students and academics have also agreed to stand with us on Friday. We invite all other people who share our vision of a peaceful, safe and just Grahamstown to join us outside the City Hall on Friday.

We are part of this community. Our children are part of this community. Our husbands are part of this community. We mustn’t forget ubuntu. That’s what makes us people. We must all stand for unity.

We are willing to suffer to prevail.

Barbara-Anne Ali 073 666 3389
Jacqueline Khokam 061 202 0121
Rabiah Hoosin 062 365 7884
Jamila Raaes 074 547 9363
Rehana Naveed 072 257 3445