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SLSJ Calls for the Resignation of President Zuma

SLSJ Calls for the Resignation of President Zuma following the Constitutional Court Judgement on Nkandla

SLSJ Calls for the Resignation of President Zuma following the Constitutional Court Judgement on Nkandla

On the 31 of March 2016 the Constitutional Court handed down a unanimous judgement delivered by Mogoeng CJ confirming that the power of the Public Protector to take appropriate remedial action has legal effects and is binding. The Court thus held that by failing to comply with the Public Protector’s order, President Zuma failed to “uphold, defend and respect” the Constitution, as a duty to repay the public’s money spent on his Nkandla homestead was “expressly imposed” on him through the Public Protector’s constitutional power.

In the face of persistently widespread criticism and condemnation following this grievous breach of his duty, a crisis in the people’s confidence in the President of our Republic has arisen therefore Students for Law and Social Justice (SLSJ) calls for the immediate resignation of President Jacob Zuma from office in the interest of the Republic of South Africa.

Moreover, the Court in its judgement further declared that the National Assembly’s resolution, based on the Minister of Police’s findings absolving the President from liability, was “inconsistent” with the Constitution and “invalid”. In this, the Court affirmed that alongside the President’s conduct, the conduct of the National Assembly was inconsistent with its constitutional obligations. SLSJ believes that the National Assembly is to be held accountable for its unconstitutional failure in the Nkandla scandal. The organisation will look into the research of remedial actions that may be taken against the National Assembly for its role in the Nkandla failure and will comment further.

As an organisation that stands for the protection and the promotion of the law and the rule of law we find this violation of the Constitution to be a serious issue. We issue this statement with the understanding that when the law is broken, by even such as our State President and National Assembly, there should and must be consequences. We implore all students and members of the public to engage our President and parliament in this matter through lawful mass action for the benefit of our society.

Students for Law and Social Justice-National Committee

Lebohang Dube


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