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University of KwaZulu-Natal

Branch Info

  • Chairperson: Sisi Nxumalo- 082 659 6142/ 0787279386
  • General Secretary: Andrea Mellon
  • Treasurer: Liza Botha- 083 783 3292
  • Activities Coordinator: Stephanie Defreitas- 082 964 5480
  • National Research: Micheal Goodson- 084 585 1096


Branch Projects

  • Asiye: This project works with the street traders of Durban. The aim is to help these men and women who make their living through street trading by educating them about their rights and assisting in anyway possible where they need us to. This year we will be working on improving our relationship with them, work on making their dispute resolution in isiZulu to ensure effective communication. Contact Abongile: 072 036 3798
  • Abahlali Basemjondolo: We are still waiting to hear from them as to where they wish for us to assist them this year. However due to the fact that we are not a politically affiliated organisation, and Abahlali has become quite anti-ANC, we will only be assisting them in their youth projects this year. Thus I will be updating you about this organisation as they update us. Contact Abongile: 072 036 3798
  • Umthombo: This is an NGO based in Durban, South Africa. They work with street children. We worked with them last year in compiling a report about the street children harassment issue by the police. We are continuing with this report to make it more legally substantial and we are mainly doing research work for this report in that regard. In this respect we will be working on what protection South African Law affords to children with close attention paid to Street Kids. We need to identify all the South African Law pertaining to the protection of children such as The Constitution, Legislation, Common Law etc. Furthermore, one of the goals of the project is to identify the current law and investigate how effective its purpose and protection is. To do this we rely on the interviews conducted at Umthombo in order to find out how the children are treated.  With the interviews conducted last year, we found that police brutality was a severe problem and the law was not being carried out in a righteous manner.  One of our main goals is to develop a report that shows that current law and the implications that it imposes.  After Last year it was evident that we needed to not only investigate the Law and the reality of it but more importantly we need to find remedies and solutions to solve the problem and enforce child protection.  The project is a work in progress and the outcome looks positive and able to make an impact with regards to the protection of children. Contact Maranda Pillay:072 844 0785
  • Student Advise Programme: This is a new initiative from the UKZN SLSJ branch. We aim to go out into the different organisations that assist people in legal matters such as law clinics, and to help them out in anyway that they need us to. The project took effect on the 25th February 2011. we are still in the research fase of it all, we will only be going out into these organisations once we have built the necessary relationships with them and have been adequately trained to do what they need us to do. Contact Sisi Nxumalo: 082 659 6142/ 078 727 9386
  • IEC voters education campaign: The aim of this project is to educate people about their legal right to vote, and the importance of voting and to clear up any misconceptions that they may have in this regard. We will be working with the IEC in this regard and we will be doing a series of educational programmes on campus during forum periods and whenever necessary. Contact Caleb Jones: 084 247 2888
  • Our National campaign: First and foremost the aim for the research and education UKZN branch of SLSJ is to advance the understanding of the ‘National Campaign’. It has been tasked by the National Executive for research and education that the UKZN branch specifically research, the value of community service in higher education generally, which includes a comparative study with other countries, and other fields such as medicine. As well as what other potential sites we can use for the placement of students and the challenges raised by the supervision of students fulfilling community service. Contact Michael 084 585 1096
  • Law professions day: This is an annual event at Howard College. We aim to promote public interest law firms so that students know that there is an alternative to the corporate firms. This will be happening in the first week of March every year. Contact the chairperson
  • Jog for Justice: This is our main fundraiser for this year. We will be encouraging people to partake in taking action about the injustices in our community by jogging for justice. It will happen on woman’s day 9 August 2011 and the proceeds will be used to further fund the projects that SLSJ does. There will be a series of awareness programmes leading up to this event, so that people know about SLSJ and are encouraged to act against injustice.  Contact Zama Mtshali: 072 655 9311
  • Feeding minds: This is an educational sector of our branch. This year we will be focusing on two main issues and educating UKZN students about it.  The first issue is the food insecurity issue which is a unspoken about problem in UKZN and contributes to students dropping out of university because even if they can get tuition sponsorship, they still struggling to get food to eat daily. By making students aware. Contact Andrea Mellon: 072 865 0174


If you have any queries or would like to partner with us or work with us please contact the Branch Chairperson, Sisi Nxumalo.