The Internship Programme serves as part of a broader national campaign for compulsory practical vocational training and community service for all law students. This is in recognition of the wide reaching potential to expand access to justice for ordinary people.

Objectives of the Internship Programme:
• To expose law students to working in public interest and social justice law firms
• To develop the legal skills of students by exposing them to legal research and writing, assisting in consulting with clients, going to court to either participate in the advocacy that takes place in the court room or to assist in the preparation thereof.
• To engage in community education with clients.
• To expose students to thinking strategically about using the law to achieve a particular outcomes relevant to social justice.
• To strengthen and build public interest and social justice practice in South Africa.

Structure of the Internship Programme:

• The internship will take place in the June/July 2014
NOTE: Due to the incongruent dates of this years June/July University vacation, the Internship dates will be subject to the successful candidate’s dates of availability ie: as of when he/she finishes writing their June exams.
• Participants will spend six weeks working at the SECTION27 office in Johannesburg.
• Participants will be supervised by a practicing attorney.
• Participants will be required to engage in research, writing and any other relevant task given by the supervising attorney.
• Members of SLSJ come from various parts of the country and have been exposed to varying degrees of quality education, both within our school and tertiary education. In order for the programme to be meaningful for our members, reasonable supervision and guidance with regard to the approach, performance and completion of tasks, including the provision of materials such as computers if required, will be provided for.

Application Procedure:

Only 1st, 2nd and 3rd year law students

Applicants must submit a:
• Motivation (500 – 700 words)
• Curriculum Vitae

Selection of Participants:

Successful students must display:
• good writing skills;
• creativity in their thinking and sense of logic;
• a commitment to issues of social justice and equality and must show that they have been involved in organisations that give credence to their commitment;
• information regarding their participation in, or attendance at, at least two events or programmes hosted or offered by SLSJ and;
• be knowledgeable as to what the SECTION27 does and how they can contribute to its work.
• The SLSJ National Committee in consultation with the SECTION27 will make the final decision.
• Successful applicants will be notified by timeously.

Funding of the Internship Programme:

Successful participants will be provided with:
• Flight travel to Johannesburg (return)
• A stipend for food and living expenses
• A transport card for travel in Johannesburg
• Financial assistance with accommodation

For further information please contact the SLSJ National Chairperson,Mr. Nikhiel Deeplal:

Download an Application Form. Apply Now.

Submission Date: 21 April 2014

2014 Internship Ad for SLSJ (Section27)